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Enjoy 10% Discount and Fast Shipping on All Orders.

Our transportation is very safe. We promise to send you the products as soon as possible.

If some products are broken or damaged during transportation, please contact the customer service in time to return or refund. If the product is transported too slowly, please wait patiently, because customs clearance takes some time. We promise to transport the products you purchased to you in the fastest and safest way.

Aoodor sincerely recommends that you read the following questions to understand the basic knowledge of Aoodor.

Q: Why should I choose Aoodor?
A: Aoodor is a professional and experienced online seller of outdoor and horticultural products. You can always expect Aoodor to provide value for money goods, free and fast transportation service, high-quality warranty and excellent customer service.

Q: Can Aoodor provide fast transportation, such as overnight and next day delivery?
A: I'm sorry, we don't accept urgent orders at present. Because we need time to prepare for transportation, we have signed a transportation service agreement with the carrier, which is difficult to change.

Q: Besides delivery, how long do I need?
A: It usually takes 5-7 working days. We will share the tracking number for your order within one working day. You can track the package yourself. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

Q: Can I change the shipping address and billing address after registration?
A: You can manage your shipping address and billing address by logging in to your account.

If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible.

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